Friday, July 6, 2012

Ride your pony, Mony, Mony

NLSC - Gold - AM

300 CH

8 x 50 Swim/Kick on :55 EN1
no two consecutive 50's same stroke

15 minutes of Crossover turn work

8 x 50 Back/Brst on 1:05  EN1
work the crossover turn

500 FK SLOB  EN2

20 x 50 on 2:00  EN3
from the water climb out and dive in from block
sprint 25 fly, climb out, 7 fast push ups
dive in, sprint 25 free, climb out,
10 tricep finishes with stretchcords, 5 streamline lunge jumps
see video of set here

20 x deep water bobs for recovery and breath control
see video of bobs

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