Saturday, September 3, 2011

G-BEAP: Governing Body Evaluation & Achievement Program

I think it is time for us, the member of USA Swimming, to perform a G-BEAP.  The G-BEAP isn't just a cute, clever, and cool sounding name.  This is not "gangstas" honking the horns of their ride.  Nope, it is the Governing Body Evaluation and Achievement Program.

It's not a steak dinner,
but I suppose it is nice flair
for an LSC to sport
on it's website
There have been a lot of people working very hard on the LEAP (LSC Evaluation and Achievement Program).  For now, only the first of the three levels of LEAP is mandatory.  There are fifty hoops to jump through in order to be granted LEAP level 1 status as an LSC.  Upon completion your LSC gets the LEAP badge to display on your LSC website.  I have put in close to 30 hours working on LEAP, and I am sure my evaluation team has put in that many man-hours on Alaska Swimming's LEAP submission alone.  I don't envy them their job.  Despite my complaints about the LEAP process, I am appreciative of their time and effort on the project.  I have met all of them, and they really are good guys.  I just don't think LEAP is necessary, and I rue the fact that I was not an Alaska Swimming delegate to the USAS convention when it was first created.

To be fair, some of the items in LEAP level 1 are important.  USA Swimming does need to make sure that it's member LSC's are in legal compliance in a couple of areas.  Each LSC does need to have Bylaws that conform to those os USA Swimming.  Each LSC needs to be in compliance with the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act.  Each LSC needs to make sure it's 501(c)(3) status with the IRS is to snuff.

Some of the items are, in my opinion, busy work and frankly none of USA Swimming's business.  For instance, the Mission and Vision statements of the LSC.  I think that as long as the Mission Statement is not something like "To undermine and destroy the competitive swimming establishment in the state of Alaska, the United States, and the World", that USA swimming should let the LSC have whatever it wants as a Mission Statement.  As long as the Vision Statement does not say something along the lines of "To demotivate and disable our members from achieving excellence in the sport of swimming and in life", then let the LSC be.

In Alaska Swimming's case, it was recommended that we shorten our Mission Statement.  It was too long (just under 30 words).  It would be better if we were able to shorten it to under 20 words.  By the way, USA Swimming's Mission statement is just under 80 words.  It turns out that, a few years ago, Alaska Swimming had adopted USA Swimming's Vision Statement.  What can I say, we like USA Swimming's Vision Statement.  It is a good one:
To inspire and enable our members to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and it life
Bam!  Pretty sweet.  We are members of USA Swimming, why not follow their lead?  Nope, "come up with your own", we were essentially told.

I am just kidding (sort of), when I say I think we need to start our own evaluation of USA Swimming.  The G-BEAP can be our vehicle for change and improvement in our organization.  Maybe we can come up with a cute little badge for USA Swimming to put on their website when they complete G-BEAP.  I vote for a nice graphic that includes at least some of the following:
U Dun Good!
We can start small on G-BEAP.  Maybe we can have just 10-12 things for USA Swimming to clean up.  We can start with the Mission Statement.  Let's shorten this down:
USA Swimming is the National Governing Body for the sport of swimming.  We administer competitive swimming in accordance with the Olympic and Amateur Sports Act.  We provide programs and services for our members, supporters, affiliates and the interested public.  We value these members of the swimming community, and the staff and volunteers who serve them.  We are committed to excellence and the improvement of our sport. We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all members.
You could have:
To Develop, Improve, and Inspire Competitive Swimming in the United States
but that would be too much like Alaska Swimming's revised Mission Statement (Replace United States with Alaska).  We look forward to receiving USA Swimming's new, unique, Mission Statement.

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