Thursday, August 18, 2011

Battling Ropes for Dryland Training - Product Review

At the beginning of the summer, I stumble across some Ryan Lochte dryland training videos.  Specifically, I found a battling rope video:

I had never seen this kind of training, but I was intrigued.  This kind of resistance training is different than any other dryland training I have offered in my coaching career.

I have done lots of weight training.  But weight training is a constant resistance.  I have done lots of bands training, but training with tubing and bands has an exponential component.  Training with ropes has an incremental component.  the more rope you move, the more challenging the exercise.  With weights there is no change, with bands the resistance is not constant.  Rope is just right.

This month I purchased a couple of 40 foot, 1.5 inch battling ropes to see if there was something new I could offer my swimmers.  The feedback is very positive...which means the swimmers "hate" it.  Actually, they really like the new challenge.  There are lots of videos available online for different exercises, so I am able to offer lots of variety in our training.

I am decided that including rope training in our dryland circuit training is the best approach to incorporating rope training in our training.  If I could afford a dozen ropes, I would probably approach rope training differently, but I could only afford a couple.  Toss those in with some TRX straps, bands, jump ropes, etc. and you have a pretty dynamic dryland set.

I bought my ropes at Perform Better online.  Click here to see what I ordered.  It works, and it is just the variety my kids crave.  Two thumbs up!


  1. Hi Cliff,
    Great post.
    Love the way you put it that the swimmers' feedback was positive, meaning they hated it.
    If you, reader, would also love to get a battle rope of your own you can start by reading my review article here