Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Tribes we Lead - Thanks Sarah

One of the great things about starting to write your own blog is the new people with whom you connect.  I have "met" people through my swim blog, which I will continue to refer to as my SLOG, that I would probably never have gotten the chance to interact with.  Such is the case with folks like Chris DeSantis and the Viking over at the The Swim Brief, a few of my regular readers (named and anonymous), and Sarah G over at Curb Northside ISD.

It is actually Sarah that has inspired this post.  I was sharing with her how good it has been to post, online, some of the things that just started bothering me about USA Swimming .  The first couple of non-workout posts helped me to tackle some things that have been bothering for much longer like the 2001 change in the progression of senior swimming in USA Swimming as well as coaches education/certification through USA Swimming and ASCA.

I have gotten some positive feedback from readers...and some criticism.  To be fair, some of the criticism has pointed out errors in my postings, and in those cases I have gone back and made corrections to my original post (and put the corrections in BOLD).  I don't want to be one of "those guys" who thinks he knows everything.  I don't.

At the same time, I don't want the powers that be to hold me back either.  My input is as valuable as anyone else's.  I write these things, not because I just want to complain, but because I truly believe there are issues that need to be addressed, changes to be made, weaknesses to be removed, and so on.

Does my slogging make a difference?  Will it?  I have to believe it will, otherwise I am wasting my time.  I hope that I can find some readers who will not only agree with some of my viewpoints, but echo them...not back to me, but to others who will listen.  If we have enough people join this particular tribe, then maybe we can make a difference.

What is this tribe I mention?  Well, that leads me back to Sarah at the Curb Northside ISD blog.  She sent me a link to the video below.  Watch it if you want to be a leader...for a change!  And yes, I intended that pun.

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