Monday, August 8, 2011

T-Bird's Assemble

East HS - Varsity - PM

Equipment - cp, snorkels

Team Meeting -

  • Attendance:
    • 10 practices required prior to the date of the first competition
    • If you miss more than one practice the week of a meet you will not be allowed to compete, however you are still required to attend the meet or it will count as an absence for the next week.
    • If you have a mandatory make-up exam or after school project you must let me (Brandon/Paula) know at the practice/meet prior.
  • Timeliness policy for the season
    • I will be at practice no later than 2:20p
    • You will be in the water no later than 2:30p
      • If you show up to practice later than 2:30p you will not be allowed to practice unless you have a valid written excuse from a teacher/school administrator/parent.  You will also get marked as absent.
  • Website with schedule is
  • We are on Facebook (which has a link to our website) 

10 x 200 Free on 2:55 EN1
w/cp and snorkels

2.5 x {10 x 25 FK on :35 EN2
         {10 x 25 Fly on :30 EN2

Turn Time:  Backstroke turns

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